“ A pinch of perfection, dash of distinction and a sprinkling of sophstication. The perfect world of Indian cuisine”


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  • 01.  Vegetable Spring Rolls                      £3.00


  • 02. Vegetable Samosa                            £3.50


  • 03. Onion Bhaji                                      £3.50


  • 04. Mirchi Aloo                                       £3.50


  • 05. Janaki bites                                     £4.00

          Combination of veg samosa, Onion Bhajis and Veg spring roll.


  • 06. Paneer Shashlik                               £4.50

          Tendered pieces of chargrilled paneer tikka cooked in chef’s special sauce with                tomatoes, onions and green peppers.


  • 07. Chilli paneer.                                   £5.00

  •         Indian cottage cheese stir-fry in Indo/Chinese sauce with onions, peppers and chillies.


    08. Chicken Nuggets.                              £3.00

  •   09. Lamb Samosa.                                  £3.50
  • 10. Chicken tikka                                     £4.00

  •   11. Chicken tikka chilli garlic                      £4.50
  •   12. Sheesh kabab.                                   £4.50
  •   13. Lamb Chops                                      £4.50 
  •   14. Chicken Pakora                                  £4.50
  •   15. Fish Pakora.                                      £4.50
  • 16. Mirth tikka & garlic mushroom stir fry   £5.00

  •       A truly tantalising starter with a hint of chilli and tamarind.

  • 17. Prawns sadabhar                               £6.00

  •         Cooked gently with onions, chillies, ginger, lime juice, peppers and coriander.



    18. Chicken Tikka                                     £8.00

          Tendered pieces of chicken cooked in chef’s special sauce.


    19. Sheesh Kebab  £8.00

           Minced lamb with a blend of mace, fresh coriander, herbs, skewered & cooked gently over charcoal.


    20. ChickenTikka Chilli Garlic                   £8.50

  •      Chicken marinated in herbs, spices, chilli & garlic cooked in the tandoor.


    21. Chicken Shashlik                               £8.50

         Skewered pieces of marinated chicken in spice grilled in a tandoor with peppers and onions.


    22. Janaki Mixed Grill                             £8.50

          Sizzling grill with a combination of Chicken Tikka, sheesh kebab & lamb chop.

  •  “Let the Chef put it together and prepare the dish of your choice”
  •  Create your own dishes: Select any one of the following….

    Chicken                       £9.00

  •   Chicken Tikka.              £9.00
  • Fish                            £9.00

  •   Lamb                          £10.00
  • Prawns.                      £11.00



  • 23. Tikka Masala 
  •       prepared with cashew, almonds and generous portions of fresh cream.
  • 24. Karahi

        Traditionally cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, tomatoes, green chillies, coriander and blend of herbs & spices.


    25. Haryali

          Cooked with a variety of unique masala, spices and sauce made from blended                  mustard leaves, spinach, coriander and other distinctive flavors.


    26. Achari

          A popular north Indian curry. Achari means pickle, this is a dish that is made with all          the spices one would normally use in an Indian pickle. It is extremely aromatic and            delicious.

  •   27.  Aam Rass
  •          Mango is the symbol of love in India. That is why you will love this spicy and sweet           curry cooked with mango pulp in a chef's special sauce.
  • 28. Paca

           Paca is a fabulous coconut curry from the east African coast. It is a perfect illustration of how African, Arab and Indian influences melt in the coastal region.

     29. Jalfrezi

  •       A captivating blend of chillies in oil based garlic & ginger cooked with capsicums,              tomatoes and onions to give a hot spicy flavor.

     30. Rogan Josh

          The Rogan Josh is infused with red and green peppers, onions and tomatoes, with a        mix of delicate spices and herbs to create a medium curry.

     31. Balti

         A famous local dish, cooked with a variety of spices & pickled herbs. A vibrant dish.

     32. Bhuna

          A beautiful combination of spices with onion, tomatoes and green pepper in a firm            dry sauce of medium consistency.

     33. Badami Korma

          Badami korma is one of the most popular dishes in Britain, and is one of the mildest        of the Indian curries-cooked in an almond and coconut based gravy, brought together        with fresh cream.


34. Desi Style (Chicken or Lamb)     £9.95/£10.95

      A traditional spicy Indian chicken dish cooked with chicken or lamb  in a beautiful              aromatic sauce.

35. Khutti Tekhi Handi (Chicken or Lamb)   9.95/ 10.95
     This is an extremely rich and delicious curry prepared with assorted spices, cream and       fresh onion tomato gravy paste blended in tamarind and green chillies.

36. Murgh Kali Mirch  £9.95
      A hot peppery chicken dish with a sauce of onion, tomatoes and freshly ground black        pepper.

37. Reshmi Keema Mutter  £10.50
      Minced Lamb and green peas (mutter) seasoned with cardamom and flavoured with        fenugreek leaves cooked in traditional style

38. Butter Chicken            £10.50

      Tender pieces of chicken (off-the-bone) spiced and chargrilled in the tandoor then          cooked in creamy rich sauce made with cashews, almonds, tomatoes and butter.

39. Daal Palak Ghost      £10.95
      A wholesome preparation of tender Lamb with yellow lentils and shredded spinach.

40. Shahi Dawat 11.50

      Slow cooked tender lamb, chicken breast and  prawns in a thick gravy bringing sheer        delight with every mouthful. The heat/spice of the dish combines with rich gravy and        slight sweetness from the tomatoes that make it very hard to resist.

Basmati rice cooked with herbs, pickle and a special blend of spices, garnished with coriander, red onions and served with a Vegetable curry sauce.

41. Vegetable           £8.50

42. Chicken              £10.50

43. Chicken Tikka     £10.50

44. Lamb                 £11.50


    Any main vegetable dish is available as a side dish  £4.50


    45. Saag Aloo   £6.50

  •       Potatoes in a thick sauce of mustard greens and spinach with a touch of butter.

     46. Bombay Aloo  £6.50

           Potatoes cooked in a tomato & onion sauce.

     47.  Jeera Aloo   £6.50

           Potatoes sautéed in ginger, garlic & cumin seeds.

     48. Bhindi Dopiaza  £6.50

           Okra and chunky diced onions cooked in sliced onion tomato gravy.

     49. Amritsari Chole £6.95

           A spicy and tangy preparation of chickpeas and baby potatoes topped with onions &         chutney.

  • 50. Sabzi Masala     £6.95

          Assorted fresh vegetables cooked in a medium strength curry sauce.

  • 51. Mushroom and Chole di Sabji   £6.95

    •   Mouth watering North Indian dish cooked with mushroom, potatoes & chick peas in a medium sauce.

     52. Palak Panner     £7.95

          Cottage cheese cooked in velvety sauce of fresh spinach and butter, with a touch of          cream.

  • 53. Karahi Paneer   £7.95

          Indian cottage cheese and bell peppers tossed with cumin seeds, ginger, garlic,                onions, tomatoes and spices, then topped with masala gravy.

     54. Paneer Makhani  £9.50

  •       Cubes of Indian cheese gently simmered in a buttery makhani, cashew nut sauce.





     55. Tarka Daal         £7.95

           A combination of Chana and Masoor-daal.      


    56. Dal Makhani       £7.95

          Traditional Punjabi dish cooked in a creamy style.


    57. Boiled Rice  £2.50


    58. Jeera Rice  £3.00

         Cooked with cumin seeds and coriander.


    59. Onion Rice  £3.00

          Cooked with butter and onion.


    60. Pilau Rice  £3.00

          Cooked with peas, cloves, cardamom and Bay leaf.


    61. Mushroom Fried Rice  £3.00

          Rice cooked with mushrooms.


    62. Egg Fried Rice  £3.00

          Steamed rice fried with egg and spring onions.


    63. Keema Fried Rice  £3.00

          Rice fried with minced lamb.

  •   64. Tandoori Roti       £2.00
  •    65. Garlic Naan        £2.50


    66. Butter Naan        £2.50


    67. Cheese Naan      £3.00


    68. Cheese & Chili Naan  £3.00


    69. Cheese & Garlic Naan  £3.00


    70. Peshwari Naan £3.00

          Cooked with coconut, almond, raisins and honey.


    71. Keema Naan     £3.00

  •      Filled with minced lamb, coriander & cooked with butter.


  • 72. Chutney pot (mango or mint chutney)                              £0.50

  • 73. Poppadums (Plain or Spicy)                                            £0.70


    74.Fries        £2.00


    75. Raita        £2.50